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Providing community-based speech & language services for nearly 20 years.

A Holistic Approach to

Speech & Language Pathology

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I am dedicated to providing exceptional speech therapy services to children in the DFW area.

Together we will create a treatment plan tailored to meet your child’s specific needs, through play and engaging therapy sessions.

I believe that communication is essential for learning and maintaining relationships. It is my mission to provide all children with the tools they need to be effective and confident communicators.

Many of my clients say homework is a struggle for their child and spend hours arguing to complete it. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.  I help families find a way to less painful homework sessions.  I provide the tools needed to navigate personal learning styles, how to ask for support when needed, and how to think about language in a different way.

How Can I Help?

Contact Amanda McGuckin M.A. CCC-SLP

to learn more about your unique situation.

Late Talking Toddlers

Your pediatrician says your child should have 2-word phrases by age 2, but your little one just isn’t there yet. You know that he/she understands everything you say, is smart, funny, and creative,

but why is speech delayed?

During playdates, or at school, you find yourself counting how many words their same age peers are using and wonder what you should be doing differently.  Most of the time you can interpret exactly what your child needs, but not always.  In those moments there are tears, screaming, frustration,

and you wish that they could just be understood.

Your friends tell you not to worry and give it more time; but what if you are just wasting that precious time? Having a late talking toddler is frustrating for parent AND child.  It is important to develop goals in treatment therapies, challenge them to use their words, effective verbalization skills and build success.

Speech Sounds/Articulation

Parents get tired of interrupting a child’s speech and hate having to translate

unintelligible speech for them day after day.


You worry that he/she won’t be able to make friends at school or communicate to teachers how amazingly smart and funny he/she can be.  It breaks your heart when other kids walk away or worse yet, ask YOU what was said.  You wonder if you will ever be able to hear what happened in school that day.


Rest assured, help is on the way.  After an evaluation to determine the type of speech sound disorder, we can put specific and highly personalized goals into action. Your child will learn how to say sounds in new ways so he/she can begin to make friends, communicate needs, and share moments with you

free from frustration, stress, or worry.

Language-Based Learning Disabilities

How hard should school be?  Your child does ok, but not great. 

He or she is working SO hard just to keep up.


Kids with language-based learning issues will often say their favorite part of school is art, music, or gym class and it is usually because reading and math are too difficult.  Maybe he/she has a hard time understanding the directions in a fast-paced classroom setting, or can’t quite come up with the right word; getting stuck on that “tip of the tongue” moment.  Some kids even struggle with organizing thoughts in an efficient and concise way, either verbally or in writing.  You have already talked to the teacher, but your child does not meet the criteria for additional in school support.  It is so frustrating!

Let’s determine if your child’s skills are age appropriate.

Together, we can monitor your child’s progress and perhaps implement a home program to insure continued growth and development.

I identify communication delays and provide age appropriate interventions.

It is best to begin speech & language therapy right away so that your child can acquire necessary communication skills. The best outcomes occur in early intervention. It is extremely important to seek a consultation with the help of a licensed therapist as soon as you have concerns. 

Trust your gut!

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