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As the mother of a young child with Down syndrome, I knew from the beginning that speech and language development was going to be a main focus in my daughter's childhood. We have been with Amanda since my daughter was 3 (and had just begun talking). Today my daughter is 7, and I am blown away by how well she communicates. Amanda is wonderful at engaging children and meeting them at their level, while continuing to challenge and push with high expectations. She makes speech therapy "fun"! I would recommend her to anyone!

Katie Partington


When I met Amanda, we had twin boys who were nearly 3 and saying less than 5 words each. We were desperate to figure out how to help them, but were also in the beginning days of the Covid quarantine and felt very strongly that virtual therapy would not be an option. Amanda came to our home, assessed the boys, and immediately felt like someone we had known and loved for years. She is nothing short of a miracle worker... immediately we began to see improvement and confidence in our boys. They are always excited to see her, want to work with her, and are so proud after they spend time with her. Amanda changed our lives. We are so thankful for her knowledge, professionalism, and love she has for our children! Asking Amanda to help our boys was the best decision we could have made for the growth and development of our little guys!

Gina Williams


Expert speech & language pathologist right here!



Lovely to work with.



We are incredibly grateful for all of the amazing work Amanda has done for our son. She truly has a gift in her ability to engage and get the best out of her students and we are so proud of the progress our son has made with his speech and articulation. We would recommend Amanda with zero hesitation or qualification for anyone looking for a talented and caring speech therapist.

Lindsay McGowan


I seriously don't know what we would do without Amanda helping our 3rd grader with her speech. During the spring of 2020 when we had to do remote learning, ARD needs and/or lessons were pushed to the side. Our daughter struggled with her speech and got even worse over the summer.
Amanda starting coming to our home the first week of school and we noticed an immediate difference. Because of Amanda and her amazing teaching and therapy skills, our daughter does not qualify for in-school speech therapy any longer!
I HIGHLY recommend Amanda if your child is struggling with any speech issues. Not only is she very professional but she makes speech therapy fun!

Jenn DeLaughter


Truly fabulous therapist.


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