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FREE phone consultations:

  • discuss your needs

  • answer your questions

  • determine if an evaluation is the next best step


Before beginning any therapy, a comprehensive evaluation is completed to determine your child’s specific areas of challenge.

Speech Therapy

All speech therapy sessions are individual. Therapy sessions are 30 minutes.


If I am not the best fit for you and your family, I am happy to suggest another therapist that will be.


I specialize in serving children with speech sound disorders, late talking toddlers, social communications disorders, and language based learning disabilities.


I come to you! Whether it’s an individual’s or caregiver’s home, or a typically attended setting, such as a preschool or daycare, I work around your busy schedule and provide therapy in the natural environment.


With a warm smile and a play focused therapy approach, I provide exceptional speech therapy services to children in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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